On October 5th , TEDxKotor wll once again bring attention to the UNESCO site of Old Town Kotor in Montenegro. The organizing team will be bringing in speakers from across the globe to speak on a variety of ideas which they are passionate and want to share with others. The theme for this year’s event is “Reaching for the Stars”

What are TED talks? 

TED is an organization committed to spreading great ideas. It began in 1984 with a conference bringing together topics from technology, design, and entertainment. Today, it has grown to host a much wider variety of topics, yet still maintains its purpose of spreading great ideas. 

What began as one conference has morphed into a variety of venues in niche fields such as science, education, and locally organized talks known as TEDx events.  

How does TEDx fit in?

TEDx events are live, local gatherings to engage local communities with diverse ideas TED-like talks. These events are valuable for introducing diverse content which is also bias free. They are uniquely developed based on each local organizer, but share the same format. 

 These local events are not organized for religious or political purposes. They are not to be driven by commercial purposes to raise money even for charities. They are not marketing conferences. TEDx events are to be driven by diversity in content and bringing together a variety of ideas for building up the local community. 

Why TEDxKotor?

 I was not able to attend TEDxBudva last year. It was the first TEDx event on the coast of Montenegro. Of all TEDx events in Montenegro, I heard so many positive remarks about what happened in Budva. I am trusting the organizing team will double their efforts to make this one even more exciting and thought provoking. 

 The speaker list looks dynamic. The variety of topics coming to the stage has the potential to make this be a true TED event and get people talking about ideas. Here are the speakers I am looking forward to the most, but that’s not to say others will not deliver as well. 

 Piotor Prokopowicz

Piotor is an academic, speaker, and practicioner in the worlds of leadership and innovation. He’s been featured in publications such as Fast magazine and Harvard Business Review and has lead a variety of organizations including… a punk band. 

“As an internationally acclaimed speaker, he engages audiences by educating them about leadership myths, innovation, evidence-based management, and methods for building a smarter and happier workplace.” 

José Woldring

“José started her PR agency, The Media Nanny when she was 22 while studying at the university. Ten years later and The Media Nanny has become one of the biggest PR agencies in the world of entertainment, especially in EDM. José has been working closely with the biggest names in the EDM world such as Martin Garrix and David Guetta, taking care of their international magazine covers, online covers, radio, and TV appearances.” 

Ranier Hoess

Ranier uses the lessons of history and the mistakes of his family, including a grandfather who served as commandant of Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War II, to educate people on the outcomes of hatred. He is part of the Footsteps team who are “dedicated to challenging all forms of hatred and intolerance. 

I am also excited to hear from Fabian Dittich and Vladimir Vulic. Fabian’s experience as a nomad and living untied to place. Vladimir’s experience in leading organizations and discussing digital transformation has been vital internationally and locally in Montenegro.  

You can view the full agenda to decide how to plan your day, but I recommend making a day out of it.